🔴 Former police director shoots himself

🔴 It happened at a private office complex

🔴 Police say no criminal charges will be filed

UPDATE March 28: Cedar Grove police said no criminal charges would be filed after an investigation.

CEDAR GROVE — A former law enforcement officer in Essex County was taken to the hospital after an accidental gunshot wound, according to authorities.

Anthony Ambrose was injured when a "firearm accidentally discharged" at a private office in Cedar Grove, according to Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens.

It happened at the office of Ambrose Group LLC at 2 Village Park Road, NJ.com reported.

The shooting on Friday around 6 p.m. involved two civilians, said Cedar Grove police Det. Nicole Hoyt.

2 Village Park Road in Cedar Grove (Google Maps)
2 Village Park Road in Cedar Grove (Google Maps)

In an update Wednesday evening, police said they recovered a 9 mm handgun from the scene.

An investigation found that Ambrose was only with one other person when the firearm accidentally went off. That person has been identified as Daniel Gonzalez, who is the legal owner of the gun. Police said that Gonzalez, a civilian, had a valid carry permit.

Authorities also said that ECPO Chief of Detectives Mitchell McGuire called police to report the gunshot.

However, while McGuire was in the building at the time of the discharge, he was not in the room with Ambrose and Gonzalez when it happened, contrary to previous reporting by the New Jersey Globe.

Ambrose was already on his way to the hospital when Cedar Grove police arrived at the office, said Hoyt in a statement.

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Anthony Ambrose (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) Mitchell McGuire (ECPO)
Anthony Ambrose (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) Mitchell McGuire (ECPO)

His injury was not life-threatening. Ambrose was treated at the hospital and released, Stephens said.

"All of the parties involved have cooperated fully with the investigation. There is no indication of any criminal activity," police said.

Ambrose was appointed Newark's first public safety director in 2015 and retired in 2021. He was also the former chief of detectives at the Essex County Prosecutor's Office.

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