There's no getting around it, life in New Jersey can get frustrating. Even the smallest things can sometimes get under our skin.

And it's easy to hold onto those frustrations for much longer than we should. It's human nature to do that, after all.

Sometimes, frustrations are caused by family members and friends. While other times, it can be something as minuscule as your keys.

But how can your keys cause petty frustrations? Well, perhaps they got caught in your pocket or purse while trying to take them out.

You let yourself get all sorts of frustrated as a result. Or, maybe you were already running late and that incident just added fuel to the fire.


It can be anything small like that, the keys are just an example. All these little things cause unnecessary and petty frustrations, which in turn, cause those around you to also get on edge.

And all this pettiness of getting mad at inanimate objects, or others over little things, becomes a part of life. That is until life takes a major turn in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, it's usually major, life-changing events nobody asked for that make you take a step back and realize, why was I obsessed over this? It might also make you realize that life is too short to worry about all the dumb stuff.

It happens to all of us, and it sucks. But, it's also an eye-opener to not stress about the small, petty things. Because in the blink of an eye, it can all change.


So please, if you accidentally spilled a drink on yourself or someone said something that you don't agree with, just let it go. As hard as it might be, put those frustrations aside.

Because in the long run, those petty frustrations aren't worth it. Being happy is.

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