It looks like Golden Bachelor winner Theresa Nist of Monmouth County will be sticking around the Garden State, after all.

After marrying Gerry Turner in a televised ceremony in January — the ABC reality show couple has announced their decision to get a divorce.

The main reason is a very relatable one for longtime and lifelong New Jersey residents — the family ties run too deep to uproot.

Shrewsbury home now off market (Zillow)
Shrewsbury home now off market (Zillow)

Sitting down with ABC News, the senior newlyweds said it had proven tough to balance dedication to their families — which involve adult children, grandchildren and in Nist's case, three siblings of her own.

Instead of a move together to South Carolina — Nist’s three-bedroom home in Shrewsbury has been taken off the market.

It was an issue foreshadowed during the couple’s “hometown visit” in NJ, during the show’s run.

NJ hometown visit with Nist's family (Bachelor Nation via Youtube)
NJ hometown visit with Nist's family (Bachelor Nation via Youtube)

Theresa’s daughter had mentioned just how close knit their family is.

She pointed out that her mother is a near-daily presence in their lives in NJ.

NJ Theresa Nist Golden Bachelor couple calls it quits (ABC News via Youtube)
Golden Bachelor couple calls it quits (ABC News via Youtube)

Nist's son and his family live in SC, which had been a factor in the couple's plan that has since fallen through.

During their joint visit with Gerry’s daughters for "Golden Bachelor" — Theresa had talked about their connection and how at their age, they want to make the most of every moment.

ABC News did an exclusive interview to break the news about the first-ever Golden Bachelor couple:

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