Get ready to eat your heart out at this year's Restaurant Tour in Asbury Park.

Restaurant tours are a fantastic way for you to try a lot of restaurants at one time, and get to try a little bit from a whole lot of places.

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This way you can basically test-drive the local restaurant scene and see what places you like without having to buy an entire meal.

The Restaurant Tour Returns To Asbury Park, NJ

You'll be able to enjoy all the restaurants taking part in Asbury Parks Restaurant Tour on April 21st between the hours of Noon and 4 PM.

For 60 bucks you'll be able to enjoy food from a ton of great local restaurants but do keep in mind that if you want to get a little boozy during your visit, your $60 ticket does not include alcoholic beverages.

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Registration is required to enjoy the restaurant tour, according to APP, and you'll be able to get set up at Kennedy Park, 104 Grand Avenue between Cookman and Grand.

Most of these restaurants are within walking distance of one another, and if the weather cooperates it'll be a fantastic day.

If you don't feel like walking though, APP reports a shuttle will be available if you aren't able to walk.

What's really cool is that this year there's a "secret word" at each restaurant and when you collect all 15 secret words you'll be entered into a drawing to win a 2024 Asbury Park Beach Badge.

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What Restaurants Are Participating In Asbury Park, NJ's Restaurant Tour?

The list is massive, according to the tour's website. 

You'll be able to enjoy food from the following:

Clearly, a huge list with a lot of options, so there's sure to be something for everyone!

Asbury Park isn't the only place in Jersey with amazing food by the way.

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