Will we ever get a break with price hikes in the Garden State?

Sadly it doesn't look like that's the case, and if you plan on spending a day at Seaside Heights this summer, be prepared to pay.

Now, I want to start off by saying I love Seaside Heights.

My wife and I have lived here full-time for two years now, and it's an awesome town with truly amazing people who live and work here.

That being said, if you're a day tripper get ready to shell out to hang out.

Seaside Heights, NJ Is Increasing The Price Of Its Parking Meters.

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First things first, it's no surprise, right?

Everything is getting more expensive at the Shore. In fact, your beach badge will even cost more this year!

More on the beach badge price hike here. 

Now, parking your car on the street or in the municipal lots in Seaside Heights will cost more too.

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Parking is enforced between April 1st and October 31st on the island, and as I'm writing this I realize the wife and I need to get our annual parking passes!

In years past it cost $1 an hour to park during the week at the meters, and on the weekends it would increase to $2 an hour.

Shore Beat reports that this year when the meters are turned on (again, April 1st) it'll cost you $2 an hour to park at a meter or the municipal lots during the week and $3 an hour on the weekend!

Now granted, it's just a dollar increase, but that'll add up if you spend a lot of time at the shore this summer, which you should!

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Keep in mind too, Seaside Heights starts charging weekend rates for parking starting Friday nights at 7 PM.

By the way, increased parking prices aren't the only thing that drive us crazy in Jersey.

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