According to recent voting on several social media platforms, New Jersey has a brand new favorite town.

We love all our great New Jersey towns, but only one can top the list as our favorite, and recent chatter on social media would lead you to believe that there is a new top town in the Garden State.

There Are Two New Jersey Stories In One

After reviewing several outlets that asked New Jersey residents which town in their state was their favorite, two separate stories emerged.

One story was, of course, about which town seemed to be the favorite of New Jersey residents.

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The other story was which wildly popular and legendary Jersey Shore town no longer resided at the #1 spot.

Which Town No Longer Tops The List

Arguably, the most surprising thing we learned is that a town that always seems to be #1 did not wind up in the top spot this time around.

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Cape May did not get enough votes to be #1, but lovers of this incredible town should not worry. The unscientific poll still has this Victorian gem solidly at #2.

So, if Cape May is not in the top spot, which town did Garden State residents call their absolute favorite?

Here Is New Jersey's New #1 Town

There is another New Jersey town that brings back so many summer memories for a lot of us here in New Jersey, and this time around, the incredible Long Beach Island is in at the #1 spot.

We love Cape May so much, but we are also glad to see another of our favorites, LBI, make it to the top this time.

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