I so agree with all of these. The Ocean County Mall in Toms River is looking amazing and it's great seeing more and more people walking through.

When you go to the mall in Toms River, do you ever think I really want to see "this" store here? I asked on Facebook what you'd like to see at the Ocean County Mall. What stores do you really, really want at the Ocean County Mall, there are so many great stores on the list.

andrea rodrigues, getty stock, thinkstock
andrea rodrigues, getty stock, thinkstock

I love the new entrance to the Ocean County Mall. They really did a nice job on the new entrance by Five Below and BJ's Steakhouse. For someone going to the mall for so long, I love the way it looks. We have several more places to choose to eat like BJ's, Turning Point, PF Chang's, and On the Border. And, we're just waiting for the rumors to be true about Texas Roadhouse.

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When I asked what you'd love to see at the Ocean County Mall, I had so many responses for Trader Joe's. That would probably be more of a place in the parking lot or on the side of the mall. I'm not sure if there would be room in the mall. Hobby Lobby would probably need a bigger store than one in the mall, also. But, I added those to the list because I'd love to see both of them in Toms River.

The restaurant you really wanted to see is The Cheesecake Factory. I know, I know a lot of you write me and say I'm tired of the food chains. But, I get emails about The Cheesecake Factory and the other popular one, The Cracker Barrel all the time. The Cheesecake Factory has been on several of my lists lately, it's very popular.

10 Stores You Really, Really Want at the Ocean County Mall

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