Being named to a list titled "The Best New Restaurants in America" is a nice one to be included in. One Monmouth County eatery made the list. This story first appeared in the Asbury Park Press and it featured the prestigious ranking from Esquire Magazine. The list from their food writers at Esquire featured 50 of their favorite restaurants from around the nation. So obviously this is a nice place to land for any restaurant.


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Lita via Facebook


So the exciting new restaurant, that's named one of the best "new" restaurants in America is Lita in Aberdeen, New Jersey. Lovefood recently did an article that centered on the Esquire "Best New Restaurants" list. According to, "Esquire's writers praised Lita's charcoal hearth: "It is the thing you least expect to see inside a strip mall in central Jersey next to an old bowling alley, but then again, no one expected that a destination-worthy Iberian restaurant would be here."


Lita via Facebook


Have you been to Lita? They are located at 1055 NJ-34, Aberdeen Township, NJ 07747. "Lita, an Aberdeen restaurant that pays homage to its chef's Portuguese roots, has a shot at a James Beard award. The restaurant, from 2018 Best Chef nominee David Viana and partner Neilly Robinson, received a Best New Restaurant nod in the 2024 James Beard Awards. The semifinalists were announced Jan. 24th."



So congratulations to everyone at Lita! A shining new star in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I have not been to Lita, yet, but I plan on going first chance we get and to sample the delicious food at this establishment. If you have been to Lita give us your review, and post your comments below.


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