The rumors are true. From the signs it just closed yesterday. This is sad to see. We see to many great businesses and restaurants close in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and in New Jersey.

Atlanta Bread has the signs on the door. This is the Atlanta Bread located in Brick at 1042 Cedar Bridge Avenue.

Atlanta Bread (Brick, NJ) Facebook Page
Atlanta Bread (Brick, NJ) Facebook Page

I was so upset when the Atlanta Bread closed in Toms River. I never got to go to the Brick Atlanta Bread as much as I wanted to. I loved their cheddar and broccoli bread bowls.

Sad to see another restaurant closing. I hate seeing empty store fronts in towns. Atlanta Bread is by Quaker Steak & Lube that's been closed for quite a while and it's been empty for a long time.

Atlanta Bread (Brick, NJ) Facebook
Atlanta Bread (Brick, NJ) Facebook

From a Brick Facebook Page (Overheard in Brick) the signs will read at Atlanta Bread(She is the manager at the Atlanta Bread in Brick):

For our Loyal Guests Past and Present.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this location will permanently close on Sunday 2/18/2024.

We thank you for your Loyal support for over 22 years.

We thank our entire staff for really stepping up to the plate when hiring was impossible during Covid and recently. 

Again thanks for the support and friendships made along the way. It was a pleasure being part of this community. 

And information about Gift Cards. If you have a gift card, take a photo of the back of the card and email it Make sure your name and address is includes, so that a check can be mailed to you.

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