This is great for Southern Ocean County.

I love Buffalo Wild Wings. These Buffalo Wild Wings are a little different than the regular restaurants. These are called Buffalo Wild Wings Go. There will be two locations opening this spring.

Where is Buffalo Wild Wings Go opening in Southern Ocean County?

One is coming to Manahawkin and one in Barnegat, according to

The location in Manahawkin where the old Burger King used to be, next to Dunkin' on Rt. 72. In Barnegat Buffalo Wild Wings Go will be located at 770 Lighthouse Drive.


If you've never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings Go, it's mainly for pick-up and delivery. It's all the wings that we all love and their sauces, just no tables.

The menu is a little different than a regular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. It's a smaller menu focused on chicken wings, of course. My favorite is the honey BBQ, but they have so many signature sauces and different options for the wings.

They'll have some other favorites on the menu, but you will notice it's a lot smaller of options to choose from and since it's a "Go" only, there is no bar.

It's always a fun place to go with a group of people or just a date night. In the main restaurants they have TV's and different games going on throughout the restaurant. I'm not sure if the Buffalo Wild Wing Go will have any games on, but you never know.

What's your favorite flavor chicken wing, I just can't handle hot. Too hot, no way I can't eat it. How do you think Buffalo Wild Wings Go will do in Barnegat and Manahawkin?

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