For such a small state, New Jersey has so many different ways to say certain words.

It's fascinating how many accents thrive here.

Can we pinpoint where in New Jersey you are from with a simple quiz?

Let's address the elephant in the room here before we jump on in.

While South and North Jersey will deny the existence of Central Jersey, we here at the Jersey Shore know that is just wrong. They liken Central Jersey to the Jersey Devil and that's just plain offensive.

Since I am a proud Central Jerseyan and the argument of its existence is a hill I will absolutely die on, Central Jersey is a possible outcome of the quiz below.

Now that we got that out of the way...

Do you say "cawfee" or coffee?"

Would you call it pork roll or Taylor Ham?

(It's okay North Jersey we still love you even though you are absolutely wrong).

You can easily pinpoint where someone lives in New Jersey based on a few select words and phrases.

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I have come to realize that where your parents are from has a big impact on your Jersey accent. My fiance's parents are from North Jersey, but he was born and raised in South Jersey. Some words he says sound like he is a North Jerseyan.

What I'm trying to say is, that your results may be wrong depending on your family.

New Jersey Accent Quiz

All it takes is 11 questions to determine where in New Jersey you are from, or at least where your accent is from. Take our quiz below to see where in New Jersey you really belong.

Besides the way we talk, here are some other Jersey stereotypes.

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