The members of Sam's Club have spoken, and the giant retailer has listened.  A big change is coming, and it's something members have been asking for.

You can find great deals at Sam's Club on items like Eggs, butter, toothpaste, and more.  Their gas is typically ten cents lower than everyone else.

Sam's Club App is Useful

Another thing about Sam's is their app.  Members can walk around the store and scan items as you put them in your cart.  Once you're done shopping, you click a button to pay with the card you have connected.

Theoretically, you can avoid the checkout lines and be on your way.  So far, so good, right?

Well, there is one catch.  As members exit the store, there's an employee who looks at your receipt and then scans your items to make sure they match (when you use the app, it produces a QR code that acts as a receipt).

This usually results in a long line of people waiting to leave the store.  It also negates the advantage of scanning yourself.

Big Change Coming to Sam's Club

That's all about to change.  Walmart, the parent company of Sam's, has announced they'll be deploying "first of its kind" technology that involves AI (artificial intelligence) to eliminate the need for employees to scan people out.

AI Will Help Speed Sam's Club Checkout

As members check out, a computer system will transmit your order to a device near the exit.  It looks like the metal detectors we walk through at concerts.  As you walk through, the system verifies the items you're taking were paid for.

Photo: Walmart Corporation
Photo: Walmart Corporation

The company has been testing the system at 10 of its locations but expects to have the technology installed in all 600 locations by the end of the year.

Sam's Club to Stop Checking Customer Receipts When Leaving Store (

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