When it comes to food, everyone loves to voice their opinion. So, which bakery in Atlantic County do residents point to for the best Strawberry Shortcake around? Keep reading.

Strawberry Shortcake

Soft, spongy cake, strawberries, whipped cream. Who can resist a dessert with those three ingredients as its principal leads? It's a delicious treat for birthdays, summer, or any special occasion.

I mean, the Strawberry Shortcake was the inspiration behind a whole line of dolls in the 1980s. That's saying something.


The Inquiry

But getting the combination of the ingredients can be tricky business. You don't want anything too soggy, but the cake can't be dry, either. And the whipped cream can't be too sweet nor too bland, which is why I don't blame Facebook user JoAnn Battista Principe Vizzi for taking to the Original Egg Harbor Township Area Happenings 08234 page to ask for recommendations in her search for excellent Strawberry Shortcake in the area.

The Residents Have Spoken


The responses to JoAnn's inquiry piled up quick and one clear winner surfaced.

Mino's Bakery in Pleasantville is #1

Fans of Minos Bakery in Pleasantville NJ
Minos Bakery/Facebook; Canva
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Minos Bakery Pleasantville Shout Out on Facebook
Jennifer Keen Sullivan/Facebook via Original Egg Harbor Township Area Happenings 08234/Facebook

The Runners Up

A good amount of Facebook users were quick to shout out two other bakeries.

Christine's Italian Pastry Shoppe Northfield NJ
Google Maps; via Original Egg Harbor Township Area Happenings 08234/Facebook; Canva

Christine's Italian Pastry Shoppe in Northfield and Irene's Desserts in Cardiff.

Irene's Desserts, Cardiff NJ
Google Maps; Original Egg Harbor Township Area Happenings 08234/Facebook; Canva

Your Turn

Tell us where YOU like to get your Strawberry Shortcake in Atlantic County or elsewhere in South Jersey.


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