After the weekend saw outbreaks of fights with 12 people arrested, police in Gloucester Township, NJ continue to ask the public for information about what they saw.

Annual Night of Fun Turns Frantic in Gloucester Twp., NJ As Fights Break Out

The annual Gloucester Township Day, held each year at Veterans Memorial Park in Laurel Springs, went from celebration to chaos the night of Saturday, June 3rd when unusually large crowds of people began to congregate, many growing out of control, reports.

Confrontations that began at the park ended up continuing and/or multiple in the Marketplace Shopping Center across Chews Landing Road adding fear to what is meant to be a family-friendly and fun event.

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As someone raised in that area and grew up looking forward to every Gloucester Township Day, I couldn't believe what I was seeing on social media and the videos that surfacing of the unrest. I would have said it's unheard of, but not when it seems to be a sign of the times. I was almost expecting it after what happened over Memorial Day Weekend in shore towns like Ocean City and Wildwood who had similar incidents.

Gloucester Twp., NJ Police Asking for Photos, Videos from Event Mayhem


In all, 12 people were arrested during the violence, reportedly two adult and 10 juveniles, but even days later Gloucester Township Police are still looking for photos, video, and witness accounts of the mayhem.

It's possible the department is looking for additional footage that could bring about charges for others who started or became involved in the fighting or affected the safety of nearby businesses. They could even be potentially searching for when the crowds began forming and how the violence began to help prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Gloucester Twp., NJ Police Want to Find Suspect Who Attempted to Assault Officer

GTPD is also looking for a young person labeled 'Suspect 001' who they say attempted to assault an officer after being asked to leave Marketplace Shopping Center.

Any photos, footage, or tips can be submitted anonymously to Gloucester Township Police.

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In a social media post, the department writes, "Please forward photos, videos by file or iCloud/ Google Photos link, social media links of videos you're aware of (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.), and names/ social media links of suspects you know who were engaged in fighting or criminal mischief at the ShopRite or surrounding stores."

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