Ever heard of PJ's Coffee? Let us introduce you, because one is coming very soon to Linwood, New Jersey.

Coffee...mmmmmm. You can never have too much of a good thing.


The original PJ's Coffee shop was founded 45 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since then, PJ's has branched out with locations across the country.

New Orleans-style coffee is unique in that it's reportedly infused with chicory root which gives the roast a richer, nuttier flavor.

For a black coffee drinker like me, that sounds delicious.

PJ's Coffee is reportedly opening a shop at Cornerstone Commerce Center off New Road in Linwood, placing it just across from Mainland High School.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Locally, PJ's Coffee has some competition in Barista's Coffee House and Jessie's of Linwood.

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And while I am really looking forward to trying PJ's Coffee, I'm more excited that they reportedly serve beignet! PJ's is native to New Orleans, so of COURSE they serve beignet!

There's no opening date yet for the new PJ's Coffee, but we're keeping an eye out for one!

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