A woman in Mullica Hill, New Jersey got more than she expected from a recent delivery. What she did next might surprise you.

Employee Wallet Packed into Amazon Package
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Mullica Hill, NJ Woman Makes Unexpected Find in Package

This past Sunday, Amanda Sette, of Mullica Hill, was delivered an order she placed on Amazon. Inside her package she was expecting to see the gardening tools she ordered. Instead, she noticed a wallet had been included. Not a brand-new, empty wallet that had accidentally made its way into her package. It was a wallet that actually belongs to someone.

Who Packed Their Wallet into an Amazon Package?

Amazon Sortation Center In Georgia Prepares For Holiday Rush
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A woman named Dorcas Ngemie, an employee who works for Amazon in Baltimore, Maryland made an honest mistake when she returned from a break and sat her wallet down on her packing line, 6abc.com reports.

Amazon Employee Accidentally Mails Her Own Wallet to New Jersey

Amazon Package and Woman with Wallet
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Just a few minutes later, Ngemie realized her error and attempted to figure out which package her black and pink-flowered Tahari wallet ended up in, but by then it was too late. She tells 6abc.com she just figured it was gone forever.

Mullica Hill, NJ Resident Returns Wallet to Amazon Employee in Baltimore

Employee's Wallet Found in SJ Amazon Package
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But Amanda Sette was waiting on the other side of the package, receiving Ngemie's wallet, fully stocked with credits cards and other personal identification, along with the rest of her Amazon order.

Thankfully, the wallet ended up with Sette, who immediately took to social media to try to reunite it with its rightful owner. It didn't end up in the hands of someone who had nefarious intentions.

6abc Unites Amazon Worker and SJ Woman
courtesy 6abc.com

After an attempt to track down Dorcas Ngemie on her own proved futile, Sette sought help from Action News in Philadelphia who helped identify her and put the two women in touch.

Sette shipped Ngemie's wallet back to her, and all's well that ends well when someone does the RIGHT thing.

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