A secret Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey pizza ring is secret no more now that its chef is opening a brick-and-mortar store.

I first became aware of this 'underground' pizza in 2022 while visiting a friend who had ordered a pie and some cookies.

I thought what she was describing was one of those school fundraisers, like how students sell candy, candles, wrapping paper, etc. That's what Squares & Fare sounded like to me.

My friend had a set pickup time reserved weeks in advance. She had to text someone just ahead of her appointment time to get the pickup location. I asked 'Where?' and got a kind of, "I could tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya" response, lol.

Shortly after, we arrived at a residential home in a populated EHT neighborhood. Yeah, someone's HOUSE. WHY hadn't I known about Squares & Fare before then?

The pizza man came out to the car, apron and all, to hand over the goods. I was still slightly confused, but we got to talking, and he told me about his passion for pizza, his basement pizza oven, and how a lot of his ingredients come straight from the Old Country. Yep, Italy.

This man (who shall remain anonymous) makes square-shaped pizza, not quite Sicilian-style, but almost. Its crust is made from cheese, at least the margarita pie I ate, and is equally crispy as it is doughy. I was hooked at first bite. And everything clicked, like, "Oh, I get it." Squares plus FARE...squares of pizza for money!





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But you had to know someone who knew someone who knew Squares & Fare, or you had to watch its socials for an opportunity to order a pizza...until NOW.

Finally, after years of hoping and planning, Squares & Fare is coming into the light to be underground no more.

S&F has begun renovating a space off E. New Jersey Avenue in Somers Point (the old Somers Point Beach Laundromat) that will become its official pizzeria. One you can actually walk INTO and order in PERSON!




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I cannot be more excited for the Squares & Fare team, truly. Progress is slowly coming along and the S&F restaurant in Somers Point is beginning to take shape.

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Once Squares & Fare sets an opening date, we'll be sure to check back in with all the exciting details.

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