Almost two years after Ocean City City Council Voted Unanimously to pass an $11 Million Capital Improvements Package, there will finally be a new field in place for the 2024 Spring Sports season.

As part of the Ocean City Capital Improvements Package that the City Council approved unanimously in 2022 was the Artificial Turf Project for the Tennesse Avenue Sports Complex.  The new turf being installed at the 100,000 square feet of fields is the same type of surface as what was installed at Carey Stadium at Ocean City High School on 6th Street.

Tennessee Avenue Sports Complex in Ocean City, NJ
Photo from Google Maps

The Tennessee Avenue Sports Complex with the new turf will be set up with pre-set drawn lines for Soccer, Field Hockey, and Lacrosse.  The new surface provides more cushion for the athletes running up and down the field along with less maintenance required for upkeep by the city throughout the year.

With no need to re-sod or landscaping like a natural grass field all year long, Ocean City will save money long-term because of this project.  Also, this project will install a new scoreboard at Tennesse Avenue Sports Complex, which is good news since the old scoreboard has needed to be replaced for years.

Tennessee Avenue Sports Complex is used for Youth Soccer, Field Hockey, and Lacrosse in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

Despite opposition to the use of Artificial Turf Fields due to "Environmental Concerns", the reality is that this is great news for all the young athletes who play sports at the Tennesse Avenue Sports Complex.  Poor drainage and soggy fields with the infamous South Jersey Weather have always been obstacles for Youth Sports.  This new field is projected to be completed by mid-March, which means it will be ready for the Spring and Summers Youth Sports Seasons.

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