One of the aspects of becoming an adult is the evolution of our relationship with our parents. With Mother's Day coming up, those of us who are still fortunate to have our Mom with us, we are thinking about how to show her our appreciation.

Not every Adult has a great relationship with their mom, some people do not even live in the same state as their parents. But most people care about their Mothers and want to be good to them more than just one day per year.

The website Mixbook surveyed thousands of Americans to find out more information about Adult Children's relationship with their Moms. They asked surveyees questions such as “How often do you typically communicate with your mom" and "How would you describe your relationship with your mom".

The results of their research show that 46 percent of Americans see their Mom once a week and 57 percent of respondents said their close relationship with their Mothers was formed during their upbringing.

How Does New Jersey's Relationship with Mom compare to the rest of America

According to Mixbook rankings, New Jersey has the second-highest score for residents having Close Relationships with their Moms.  Many survey respondents say they frequently share life updates and celebrate many holidays with their mothers. A high percentage of New Jersey residents say they share milestones along with positive and negative emotions with their moms.

New Jersey's neighboring states also land in the top 20 of the States where residents who are Most Close to their Mothers. New York is in 4th place in the rankings and Pennsylvania is 19th overall.

Here are the Top Ten States Close To Their Moms:

1. Maryland
2. New Jersey
3. Tennessee
4. New York
5. Colorado
6. Louisana
7. California
8. Arkansas
9. Missouri
10. North Carolina

If you are still in search of the right gift for Mother's Day, here are some great ideas to give your mom this year:

10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Whether it's your mom, your partner's mom, or the mother of your children, Mother's Day is a time to recognize the important women in your life. If you want to give a thoughtful gift this Mother's Day without breaking the bank, keep scrolling. We've put together ten affordable gift ideas perfect for the mom in your life.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals

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