After pleasantly enduring a decent and progressively hotter tog (blackfish) bite that started in early October and intensified to torrid entering this month, the possession limit, as of yesterday, is now five instead of the previous one fish.

Seemed to take forever!

It will remain so through December 31. The minimum length stays at 15 inches.

Indeed, the chew along the jetties and in and around the wrecks and rubble is one of the most aggressive seen in years, at least insofar as comments from anglers and tackle shop owners along most of the Jersey shore that we’ve spoken with.

This amid a striper deluge for the ages. However, bass chasers and tog hunters are two distinct breeds, so it’s been joyful rod bending in both arenas.

Earlier this week we witnessed copious sales of rigs, sinkers, and specialized tog jigs, in addition quarter, half, and full bushel buys of green crabs, a fave bait for blackfish. This, in between picking off a keeper here and there for dinner dropping crab-baited jigs from various inlet jetties and bulkheads, such as the access behind the condos at Barnegat Light. Not a spot burn for the latter, as anyone and everyone who is a landlubber togger in the area and beyond knows about this easily accessible locus!

Party boats sailing for tog are jammed and will be, during this short “five fish” season. There are several party boats that limit the number of rail riders

to assure an uncrowded experience, and of course, there is the charter fleet catering to this most delectable crab cruncher. Google, and ye shall find.

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Jonas crabs, aka white leggers, are a premium blackfish offering as November progresses into the colder waters of December, and while there are those procuring their own, figure availability at bait shops to be on the skimpy side for another couple of weeks until more become available. Even then it’s a special order dealio, as the ‘leggers are expensive. No biggie though, as greenies will certainly pique tog tastes. Don’t overlook frozen sand fleas (thawed, of course), as these can elicit nips and chomps should the normally voracious November tog suddenly turn persnickety.

The best part of these early shots is the fish are stationed in rather shallow haunts, i.e. no need for a long boat ride. No float, no worries, as one can expect the jetty action to continue for another couple of weeks if not longer.

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