If you meet a football fan whose favorite team is not the Philadelphia Eagles and you talk to them about Eagles fans, many of those people will complain about the "Fly Eagles Fly" diehards. But a new survey shows that Eagles fans are actually not among the most annoying fans despite what some people say.

The website Solitaire Bliss surveyed over 51,000 NFL fans (1,600 from each of the 32 NFL fans bases) to find out what the most annoying actions football fans do. The study researched which fan behaviors are the most annoying and what NFL fan bases are the most guilty of that poor behavior. Among the Most Annoying Fan Behaviors according to the survey include:

*Getting Really Drunk at the Game
*Stealing Player Giveaways from kids (football or other items players give to fans)
*Heckling other fans and/or players from the other team
*Changing who they are rooting for if their team is playing bad
*Booing their own team
*Saying "we" when referring to their team
*They are on the phone talking while at the game

According to these NFL fans, "Survey Says" that the Most Annoying Fan Base is the Cincinnati Bengals. In fact, the Philadelphia Eagles' fans did not even land in the top 15 most annoying! Here is what the researchers found out about Bengals fans:
The Cincinnati Bengals fan base admitted to doing more annoying behaviors than any other fan base. The Bengals are one of the top fan bases to trash-talk home team fans while at an away game and are among the most likely to steal a player giveaway from a kid.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals Fans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

To continue the Family Feud theme, "Survey Says" the Atlanta Falcons are the second most annoying fan base because they are the most likely to try and start the wave at a game along with wearing a jersey for a team not playing at a game they are attending.  The Jacksonville Jaguars fans are ranked the third worst because they are among the most likely to spend most on their phones and they are the second most likely to block your view at a game while holding up a sign.

The research shows that the only NFC East teams' fan bases considered to be "Most Annoying" are the Dallas Cowboys (11th overall) and the New York Giants (14th overall).  Among the AFC East teams with the most annoying fan bases are the Miami Dolphins (4th overall) and the New England Patriots (5th overall).

So where do those passionate Eagles fans rank among NFL fan bases?  Well "Survey Says" that the Philadelphia fans are the 5th Least Annoying Fans in the league. The number one least annoying fan bases are the New York Jets who are the least likely to boo their own team. In second place in the rankings is the Washington Commanders fan base who are the least likely to trash-talk fans of the other team at their team's away games.  Also on the list of Least Annoying Fan Bases are the San Francisco 49ers (4th overall), the Kansas City Chiefs (9th overall), and the Buffalo Bills (11th overall).

Philadelphia Eagles v Las Vegas Raiders
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The research shows that being a Passionate Fan Base does not mean you are also the Most Annoying NFL fans.  The Eagles and Bills fans are among some of the most passionate in all of the NFL.  But the good news is that neither of those fan bases is likely to steal player giveaways from kids or on the phone talking during most of the game or Change the team they are rooting for when theirs is playing poorly.

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