We are revisiting this tasty food item by popular demand.

When we last wrote about the best meatball sub in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area … it caused so much positive public reaction.

We have many fabulous sub shops in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

In my view, however, there is only one absolute best meatball and meatball parmesan sub in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

The undisputed GOAT in my opinion is:

Pete’s Subs & Deli in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Many of the veteran Pete's Subs staff received their training from the legendary White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City.

The wonderful Italian Bread (sub roll) is always fresh, which is critical.

For me, when the sub roll is hard and not fresh … it ruins the entire sub.

It’s sad how many places are willing to serve stale bread.

Atlantic City Italian Bread must be fresh! Don’t settle for anything less.

Here is another Pete’s Subs fun fact.

You can't order a meatball or meatball parmesan sub at Pete's Subs until 11:00 a.m., because the meatballs are made fresh every morning.

The size of the meatballs are enormous and delicious. However, size alone is not the key.

The texture and taste is perfect every time.

Another key is the sauce. The Pete’s sauce bursts with flavor.

Pete’s Subs offers this important advice. They strongly recommend not asking for your 1/2 of meatball sub to be cut in galf, again.

They routinely do this with their other subs.

However, with Pete’s meatball sub, it is so packed with meatballs and sauce … so eat them 1/2 at a time.

Here’s another important tip. If you wait until too late in the day to order, they may run out of meatballs.

Pete’s subs also has a great selection of other subs: cheesesteak, regular, ham, turkey, tunafish and more.

They make old style submarine sandwiches, deli, salads, wraps, homemade Italian meatballs and more.

It is my favorite sub shop, with White House, Dino’s and Vic’s rounding out my “Mount Rushmore” of Atlantic City area sub shops.

Here are some photos of the many subs that are available (Photo credit: Pete’s Subs via Facebook):


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Bon appétit.

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