Rumors have been spreading as of late that the former Rams’s Head Inn (located in Galloway Township, New Jersey) will not be re-opening as a restaurant that will be open to the public.

I have spoken with Dan Brown, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission … who has confirmed that this rumor is patently false.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission owns The Ram’s Head Inn and they remain absolutely committed to restoring, reimagining and returning it to its former glory.

For example, Brown wants to return the iconic Ram’s Head Inn Water Tower, that was originally constructed in 1912 (see below):

Dan Brown photo.
Dan Brown photo.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission purchased the iconic Ram's Head Inn Restaurant and saved it from the wrecking ball just 3 days away from its scheduled demolition in early May, 2023.

The Ram's Head Inn is a truly legendary establishment that was in operation as a roadhouse during the 1930's to 1940's ... turned family style (Dutch themed) restaurant through the mid 1970's ... ultimately being owned by Fred and Ethel Noyes and The Knowles Family, who operated the restaurant until it closed in 2019.

I have taken the time and effort to learn the facts, as many untruths that have been told and written about thus Atlantic City Rescue Mission purchase during 2023.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission shelter is not moving from Atlantic City to Galloway Township, New Jersey on the nearly 4 acres Ram's Head Inn site.

The Ram's Head Inn will be properly restored to once again become a functioning restaurant.

Brown exclusively confirmed to me at the time that "This is confirmation that the Mission has possession of the Ram's Head Inn and to assure others we are not moving the shelter nor have any intentions of moving out of Atlantic City, said Brown in an exclusive interview with me.

Brown reviewed to me in detail that The Atlantic City Rescue Mission has a 5-10 year strategic plan that involves real estate as a key component.

"The Ram's Head Inn property fits into our strategic planning to expand our culinary and vocational programs," said Brown.

"Our programs include culinary & vocational programs; 4 million meals in our commercial kitchen in Atlantic City have been served over the years. We have educated ourselves during the years of ups and downs and historically keep taking care of the indigents during all seasons," said Brown.

"Historically it is not new to the mission to acquire properties," said Brown.

"Gracious donors and partners have allowed the mission to acquire properties for different streams of income such as our warehouse in Egg Harbor Township and our Charity Thrift Center in Northfield," said Brown.

Brown said that “we want to bring the property back to what everybody has loved; the gardens, the water tower and we are thrilled that so many people have written and thanked us for saving such an iconic property three days before it was to be demolished. We are not changing the historical significance what the Rams Head is about," said Brown.

"We are very proud to announce that this program will be named after Wolfgang Geckeler, who passed away in April of this year and who was very instrumental in our hospitality program at the Mission and the Mission's cookbook," said Brown.

Geckeler was part of the South Jersey Chef's Association, Atlantic Cape Community College and Executive Chef at the Showboat Hotel and Casino, along with many other associations.

"We are honored to continue his legacy and his work," said Brown.

Dan Brown and Wolfgang Geckeler were friends for more than 30 years and worked on various projects together.

Don’t believe the rumors  they’re false. Believe the new Ram’s Head Inn owners, who are fully committed to re-opening it for the public to be once again be able to enjoy.

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