My wife Margie and I have been a little under the “weather” for the past 5 days.

Yesterday, my twin brother Don called me during his visit to Historic Smithville Inn.

Without delay, I craved for one of their legendary Chicken Pot Pies.

I immediately called The Smithville Inn and placed my order. Don picked it up and delivered it to us.

Here it is:

Smithville Inn photo.
Smithville Inn photo.

It was absolutely delicious. Our family has enjoyed this great meal many times over the years.

This latest chicken pot pie was a great dinner last night and it will be my lunch, today.

It travels well and reheats the next day just great.

The founders of the Historic Smithville Inn village,  Fred and Ethel Noyes put everything they had into the Smithville Inn.

You can readily say exactly the same thing about today’s owners, who are Tony & Fran Coppola, Charles & Laura Bushar and General Manager Tony Coppola Jr., who is also the Mayor of Galloway Township.

Here is how Smithville Inn describes their legendary chicken pot pie.

The Smithville Inn's chicken pot pie is one of those dishes that has become a mainstay, and in large demand. Made completely from scratch - including the dumplings, the flaky homemade top crust, and a classic chicken veloute sauce.

I love it all, but, the dumpling is my absolute favorite, hidden treat.

It’s always something to look forward to when you cut into The Historic Smithville Inn chicken pot pie. You never know exactly where the dumpling will be.

When you have this great meal, you feel like you’ve been transformed back to 1787, when James Baremore built what is now the Smithville Inn, along what was then called a well-traveled stagecoach route.

Bon appétit.

Here are some wonderful examples of delectable seafood crabs pictured here immediately below.

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