Have you ever eaten something that was just so delicious you wanted to have a bite of it every day until your last breath? That may sound dramatic, but if you’re a foodie, I know you understand that feeling to a tee.

There’s no better feeling than trying out a new food or a new restaurant and just having one of the best experiences of your life. Most people know exactly what that feeling is like and can name that restaurant immediately.

Others haven't quite experienced anything like that yet, but once you do, it’ll be life-changing. If you’re looking for a restaurant that will for sure take your breath away, Love Food has just named this restaurant in South Jersey one that for sure needs to make its way onto your bucket list.

This list on their site shows every single restaurant that deserves a spot on your bucket list in every state and the pick for New Jersey goes out to all of the seafood fans throughout The Garden State.

This Seafood Restaurant in New Jersey Deserves a Spot on your Bucket List

Love Food has named Dock’s Oyster House in Atlantic City the restaurant that you have to try before your time is up. Based on the pictures alone, this place looks insane. If you’re a seafood fan, it’s worth making the trip down to Atlantic City to give this spot a try.

From lobster to clams and crabs to oysters, there’s no doubt you’ll get a fresh meal every time. This restaurant has been open in New Jersey since 1897 and has survived two World Wars and the Great Depression, so there’s no doubt it’s a classic. Dock’s Oyster House is located at 2405 Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City.

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