We don't deserve Jack Black.

The funnyman is known for constantly entertaining us with his "twinkle toes" dance moves and apologetically fun-filled movie characters.

But now it seems the internet is finally admitting that Jack Black is the ultimate thirst trap we didn't even know we needed.

When you think of celebrities with massive sex appeal, Black might not be the first name that comes to mind. (Just look at the likes of People's "Sexiest Men Alive," from Chris Evans to Idris Elba and Brad Pitt.)

However, the School of Rock star rules over on social media, where fans recognize that confidence, charisma and a good sense of humor are the sexiest attributes of them all.

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The underrated Tenacious D frontman is revolutionizing our notion of celebrity sex appeal.

First, Jack Black oozes confidence, even when sharing hysterical scenes from his life. His honest approach peels back the curtain, allowing fans to laugh with him as shows off his high-kick training sessions and awkwardly attempts viral dances.

It's no surprise why fans are obsessed with his marvelous, no-holds-barred dance moves.

Black also radiates charisma and charm. He just doesn't take himself too seriously.

Making people laugh is a big turn-on, something many Jack Black fans agree with.

Over on TikTok, people have been uploading fancams and thirst traps of the Kung Fu Panda star.

Many even claim the actor appeals to the "female gaze," especially in his role as lovable Miles in cult 2006 rom-com The Holiday.

Plus, we all love his "big boy energy."

According to fans, Jack Black deserves appreciation and respect...

...especially for his unmatched talent.

Jack Black is a movie star. He's also a rock star. And he might just be the ideal man to boot!

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