In his single ‘Tattoos on this Town,’ Jason Aldean weaves a tale of memories made in a small town, comparing them to tattoos. The lyric that ends the first verse inspired Natchez, Miss. resident Keith Partridge to craft the perfect marriage proposal idea.

And to this day up on that overpass / Even underneath the new paint, you can still see / Allie, will you marry me?” Aldean sings in the No. 1 hit from 2010′s ‘My Kinda Party.’

With 14 cans of white spray paint in tow (he only ended up using four), 22-year-old Partridge found an embankment by the side of a highway near his home and sprayed out the message “Sara will you marry me? You are my world!!!” Waiting until after 1AM to show off his handiwork under the cover of darkness, Partridge lured his girlfriend, 20-year-old Sara Melton, to the spot where friends already had headlights pointed directly at the message.

“I turned around and saw it and started crying,” Melton told the Natchez Democrat. Though she said she expected her boyfriend of two years to eventually propose, she added that she had no idea it was about to happen — or that he would go to such great lengths to win her permanent affections. “I was shocked,” she admitted.

Partridge said he just wanted to have a totally unique proposal because Melton is so special to him. “She was just different from everybody else, she wasn’t like everybody else around here,” he said. “Everything is special about her — I can’t really explain it.”

While we think this is a totally adorable proposal, we’re hoping the city of Natchez was equally smitten with the spray painted love letter “tattoo.”

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