Well, I guess New Jersey's doing something right!

According to a brand-new survey recently conducted by Wallet Hub, Jersey's not nearly as bad as the majority of the states in the country regarding the current COVID-19 climate the United States is dealing with. Reportedly, we're actually not even close to the worst. The study surveyed each state and the District of Columbia by comparing various safety components including vaccination rate, hospital rate, and transmission rate.

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After gathering all the data, the final report rates New Jersey as the 10th safest state in the entire country in regards to COVID-19 at the present. Now, NJ residents know all too well how bad we were hit with not only COVID-19, but the repercussions of the lockdown. So many people were put out of work, the economy tanked, and we didn't even start to get back to anything even remotely close to normalcy until the late spring of 2021.

If any state is familiar with the havoc COVID-19 has caused, it's New Jersey.

Thanks to how many people within the state have already gotten vaccinated combined with the currently low hospitalization and death rates, Jersey's scored the 10th spot in the list of safest states in the country.

Source: WalletHub

NJ's transmission rate isn't the worst, either. We're the 21st in the country for that, so there's definitely some room for improvement in that category. However, we've got to celebrate the wins where we can, right?

All we can do now is keep it up. Whether or not you plan on getting vaccinated - personal choice - do your part in maintaining healthy habits necessary for us to NOT have the powers-that-be feel it imperative to place us all on another lockdown. That's the last thing Jersey needs right now.

You can check out the full report HERE.

Source: Wallethub.com

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