Cat Country 107.3 is 21. I remember before she was born.

It was January of 1998 and I was working at a radio station in Ohio, when I got a phone call from the president of a radio station group. He was building a new country radio station in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in programming the station, and hosting the station's morning show.

I said, "Sure, I'd be interested!"

In the back of my head I was thinking, "Country radio in New Jersey? Ha! No way." A free trip to Atlantic City, though, sounded cool....

So, a few days later, and I was here. Fast forward 21 years and I'm still here.

I should add 21 GREAT years! I've loved every second of my work here, and I'm always glad that I took the offer of "the free trip to Atlantic City."

I want to take a moment here to thank some people who've made it possible for me to be here all 21 years:

1. You, the listener. Whether you listen to the Morning Show, or just the radio station, thank you! Whether you listen all the time, or just once in a while, thank you! It's so cool to do something and know that people listen and appreciate what I and my team do. I hope to never take you for granted!

2. Bill Sherard - the guy who initially hired me. Bill believed in me, taught me lots of things about radio (even though, I swore I knew everything), and he was my great pal that first summer of Cat Country. Bill, I miss you and owe you lunch - well, about 60 lunches, I think!

3. Chris Coleman. Chris, our afternoon guy, had been here since the beginning. He's been a rock, someone I can always count on. He's a great, hard working guy that gives his all. Thank you, Chris - and we won't mention your sabbatical down South.

4. Mike Ruble. My current boss and true friend. He's always had my back - I'm sure a lot of times I didn't even know it.... Many of the same thoughts go out for our station's owners and management - Townsquare Media (one great company to work for).

5. All of my current and past co-workers. To list everyone would probably be impossible - mostly because my memory kind of sucks. Let me just say, we've always had a great team here, and I'm so grateful to all that I have worked with.

6. The country artists that I've met. I've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of talent people!  Most are people you've heard of - but a lot of the good ones are still trying to "make it." People often ask who the nicest country stars are . I can honestly say "All of them!"

7. Our sponsors. The people who've chosen to use Cat Country as their advertising vehicle. Thanks you!

It's been a great 21 years! Please come and help us celebrate Friday from 5 til 8 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino's Beach Bar. We'll have up-and-coming country star Stephanie Quayle performing, free t-shirt, and your last chance to win Brad Paisley (with Chris Lane) tickets and meet and greet passes!

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