This dad deserves a thumbs-up for what he does after his kid does something stupid.

According to Central Florida News 13, a 14 year old kid decided to take his dad's car for a joyride with his girlfriend in the middle of the night. Everything was going fine -- until the kid lost control of the car and crashed into a lake. The car sank, with the kids inside (they both got out and were not injured), along with dad's computers that were in the car. Everything was deemed a total loss (in the picture above, that's the only part of the car not under water).

Dad -- and I really like dad in this story -- has decided to press charges against his own son for stealing his car (otherwise known as grand theft auto). Since his son was on probation at the time, he's also being charged with probation violations and other traffic offenses.

Both of the kids parents plan to drop the 14 year old off at a juvenile detention facility on Friday.

So, if your kid did (or does) something dumb like this, would you press charges? Let us know in the comments section below.