Awkward moments are everywhere, but normally that's all they are. A moment. Kip Moore had a similar experience, except it was a bit longer moment. It was three long minutes while being interviewed for a radio show, and WGNA radio DJ Nick Kessler did everything he could to make it as uncomfortable as possible.

So we don't discredit Kessler's professionalism, this was done solely for viewers' enjoyment to see how much Moore could squirm. We encourage watching the video to see how far he gets, but we can't promise you won't feel awkward in the process.

"I think what fans really want to know, is Moore what?" the interview opens with, prompting an uncomfortable smile and an "I don't know what the hell you mean" from the "Running for You" singer.

The interview continues with an intense conversation about Moore's running habits while Kessler incessantly nods his head at everything that is being said. The 36-year-old country singer doesn't know what in the world to think.

The question that acts as the icing on the cake that is this extremely awkward interview involves Celine Dion, Titanic and the possibility of Kessler and Moore embracing to reenact a famous scene. We won't spoil it, so we suggest you watch for yourself.

Moore is gearing up to hit the road this fall on his headlining Me and My Kind Tour. Jon Pardi will join him as an opener for the trek, which begins Sept. 30 and lasts into early December.

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