Kristian Bush has revealed the story behind his new single, "Sing Along," sharing that it's actually the product of a "distraction" while in a writing session for another track.

"Sing Along" serves as an upbeat breakup song, not asking anything of the narrator's lover but for them to think of their memories fondly, with Bush citing the lines, "Remember those nights that we couldn't sleep / Catching fireworks off in the street / Baby you're still that girl to me," as some of his favorites.

"Rarely in country songs do you get to, these days, paint pictures," Bush says in an interview at his home in Nashville. "You usually have even less time than we used to have to communicate, so I love that there are some pictures painted in there."

The Sugarland singer says that just one of the elements he likes about the song is that it doesn't ask anything of an ex, just simply hoping they think fondly of them in the future and don't forget the love they shared.

"It never says, 'Please come back,' it never says, 'I'm sorry,' it just says, 'Remember me fondly.' It's not something that a lot of songs simply say, without being torch songs," he points out.

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Bush also appreciates the fact that the song, though simple, is a wish rather than a plea, and it's catchy enough to "bounce" around the listener's head.

"I think once you get distance on things when you go through stuff like that, that's the biggest wish as a human. A lot of times you don't always get that, that's not something that's in the cards, but it's a wish," he says. "And almost all my songs are wishes."

In addition to co-writing "Sing Along," Bush composed the music for the play, Troubadour, which recently completed a run at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Ga. He's currently producing Lindsay Ell's upcoming debut album.

Listen to Kristian Bush, "Sing Along" 

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