LeAnn Rimes and her love Eddie Cibrian just celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday (April 22), and to ring in the year of nuptial bliss, the two headed down to Malibu to bask in one another’s company in the same house where they were married just a year ago. On Twitter over the weekend, Rimes talked about the getaway and how the two plan to continue the celebration with a second trip.

“We have had the most wonderful first anniversary weekend in Malibu,” the star tweeted. “We stayed at the house where we got hitched. We spent time w/ the boys, our friends and we saw our families….it was perfect and relaxing. Few more days til we go away for a lil bit, just the two of us. The first year deserves two weekends (smiley face) we feel really blessed. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend yourselves.”

So what did the two do on their weekend away? Well, judging from Rimes’ other informative tweets, the ‘Blue’ hitmaker received a giant ring from her hubby. It appears to be a flat, green semi-precious stone hugged by a ring of tiny diamonds that will reside on her right hand and complement the 5-carat rock sitting on her left ring finger.

Rimes also informed the Twittersphere of some of her other anniversay activities: reading Kahlil Gibran, eating dinner by the fire, eating a mini replica of their wedding cake beneath the oceanside tree where they got married and even unwrapping another gift — a necklace with an ornate angel wing charm.

All in all, it seems Rimes thoroughly enjoyed her weekend retreat. At the end of the day on Sunday, she tweeted a photo of herself with the caption, “The end to a perfect day….here’s to a blissful 2nd year!”

Rimes and Cibrian were married last year in a beachside ceremony surrounded by only 40 their closest friends and family members.

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