The most annoying pests of the century, the spotted lanternflies, are back in South Jersey.

The spotted lanternfly infestation apparently presses on in Atlantic County. This time, they're annoying the people of Mays Landing in a big way. These nasties seem to be here to stay. They've become quite a problem for many NJ counties since they were first discovered in Pennsylvania back in 2014.

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If you're unfamiliar with these speckled pests, well, consider yourself lucky. The spotted lanternfly can wreak havoc on many of the crops we depend on here in the Garden State. Spotted lanternflies are no joke to the farmers in the surrounding regions. It's a real fear, actually.

Someone shared a post to a local Mays Landing-based Facebook group asking for information about them and if anything can be done to stop them from taking over the yard. Luckily, the comment section has a few people who chose to share which prevention methods worked for them against these suckers.

One woman says that she effectively rids her yard of the lanternflies with Raid. However, it has to be direct contact. Raid is not, however, going to keep them away indefinitely.

Some people did offer up some homemade remedies that have shown some promise. One woman says that she sprays Dawn dish soap in water or even vinegar in water to get rid of them. That apparently works. Someone else suggested tree tape. The only problem with tree tape is, though, that it traps EVERYTHING. Even the good insects are no match for tree tape.

You can see what people are suggesting you can try to eradicate your yard of the dreaded spotted lanternfly HERE. You could even give this Pine Sol concoction a try.

Whatever you choose to do about them, best of luck to you.

Source: Facebook

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