When Miley Cyrus tones it down, she still grabs headlines, like with this cover of Fleetwood Mac's classic "Landslide" at a show in Australia.

The singer took the stage back in 2011 in a markedly non-outrageous outfit, accompanied by only an acoustic guitar player for the ballad. Her low register fit the tune perfectly as she started the first verse, singing with conviction and passion.

Cyrus has great talent — especially when she lets her Tennessee roots show — and this performance of proof. Her understated take on the song allows her vocals and the lyrics to shine, and it's clear she has a deep connection with the hit, with which the Dixie Chicks also had significant success in 2002.

Though she’s been hanging out in the pop world for most of her career, Cyrus has been steeped in country since birth. Her father, of course, is country star Billy Ray Cyrus, and her godmother is none other than Dolly Parton. Every once in a while she lets those influences flow into her music.

Cyrus is appearing on her father’s upcoming record, the just announced Thin Line. The album is slated for release Sept. 9 via Blue Cadillac Music and features Miley on a track called “Angels Protect this Home,” along with other unique guests like Shooter Jennings, Joe Perry and Bryan Adams. A cover of Adam’s song “Hey Elvis,” featuring the songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Glenn Hughes, is already available for download.

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