You would think that landing on People magazine’s most beautiful people list (not to mention being an award-winning artist) would give Miranda Lambert a big head. After all, she’s netted awards for her good looks, plus scored nominations and wins from the Academy of Country Music, CMT Music Awards, Grammy Awards and more. But that hasn’t morphed the sassy country singer into anything else. She insists she’s the same down-home girl that she’s always been.

Of course, even if Lambert feels like she’s still a normal person, the rising success of her and her husband, Blake Shelton, has kept the happy couple in the public eye. Now, when they go out shopping or to the movies, people recognize them.

“I like it when people just treat me normal, ’cause I’m just a normal girl. I just happen to have a really great job,” Lambert explains to Country Music Is Love. ”And it’s definitely different on different levels that you reach. For Blake and I, it’s not really…we can’t just go to Walmart anymore. It’s different since this…we’ve both reached this different level in our careers which is…it’s a good thing but it’s also sometimes like you can’t do normal things at certain times because you…we have to remember, ‘Oh, people think we’re famous,’ (laughs) so we have to sort of be careful about those things.”

If you pay attention to Blake and Miranda’s Twitter accounts (follow Miranda here and Blake here), or what they say about their simple life in the media, you’ll know that the now-famous country couple likes to live a simple life. They still fold their own laundry, and enjoy date nights at home.

“We love just to go and go home and ride four-wheelers and hunt and fish, and we are exactly who you would think we would be, on and off stage, you know, there’s not really a difference, and we don’t have a lot to hide,” Lambert says. “Both of us are pretty open and honest, and our fans pretty much know everything about us, and we like that about our relationship with our fans.”

If Lambert and Shelton do have something to hide, they won’t be able to keep it under wraps for long. Both singers are known for being honest and open on social media outlets. Besides, now that they’re famous, there’s always someone watching.

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