The case of the 4-year-old who accidentally shot a 6-year-old in the head in Toms River has stunned the state.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

The investigation is ongoing. A top lawmaker in Trenton says guns are a very real problem in New Jersey. He continues to push for passage of a package of gun control and violence prevention bills that have already been approved by the full Assembly.

"As horrific as this tragedy is, the gun package that we put together really wouldn't address an issue like this," says Assembly Democratic Leader Lou Greenwald. "The reality is the gun package that we have focused on really deals with the type of tragedies that you saw transpire at Sandy Hook in Connecticut at the elementary school. The bills that we are dealing with are more of the type and kind that are the assault weapons and it really isn't going into the gun iself and it is ammunition."

Despite the fact that the Assembly-approved legislation wouldn't address an issue like the one in Toms River, Greenwald says that horrible incident does underscore the need to get serious about gun control in general.

"It's just that ghostly reminder that read about it, you see it, you hear it on a radio station like yours," explains Greenwald. "You never think it's going to happen to you and then it does......We have a package that is recognized by leaders around the country as one that will have the most meaningful impact anywhere in the country."

The Majority Leader says he has spoken with his counterpart in the State Senate and has been assured that Democratic lawmakers in the Upper House are behind the gun control measures.

The deadline for Gov. Chris Christie's task force on gun violence to issue a report has come and gone. Greenwald says he's still waiting for that report. Christie says it will most likely be made public next week.

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