A survey of thousands of people conducted by a website has determined what is each state's most overrated attraction -- and New Jersey's is something that we all know and love.

The Jersey Shore.

Yes, this survey found the shore (all of it?) is the most overrated thing in the state.

Out of some 2,500 people that responded from across the country, "our findings reveal residents’ honest opinions on what’s worth seeing and skipping in their states – essential knowledge for all travelers."

In other words, people in New Jersey think people from out of the area should skip the Jersey shore.


Now, to further infuriate you, that is where that website's survey ends, and another one piles onto our disparagement.

The editors at farandwide.com then said this about the Jersey Shore:

We bet you expected this to be considered the worst of New Jersey, especially since MTV's "Jersey Shore" has prominently showcased the worst aspects of the area. But we will say that while, yes, parts of The Shore are as tacky as what's shown on the reality show, the farther south you go "Down the Shore," the better it gets. (Cape May is especially lovely.)

But then they took issue with the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, quoting one person as saying, "Dirty, dingy, smelly awful. Cheap seedy shops and eateries. Tried to use the public restroom and almost vomited. Disgraceful."

Looking northward you get a great view of Atlantic City from the pier.
Looking northward you get a great view of Atlantic City from the pier (Dennis Malloy)

Here's my rebuttal: if you don't like the Jersey Shore, that's your opinion. If you think it's that bad then go to Delaware.

Oh, wait -- that survey found Rehoboth Beach is the most overrated thing in Delaware. Scratch that.

The Jersey Shore -- all of it -- is what it is.

Seaside is a fun, party town. We can debate the merits of what the MTV show did for that town all day, but it's still a fun shore town with a great boardwalk, even better food, and terrific things to do.

Seaside Heights boardwalk
Seaside Heights boardwalk (Bud McCormick)

Atlantic City is just as exciting with its casinos and world-class entertainment and restaurants. And, yes, "cheap seedy shops." That's part of its character.

Ocean City is billed as, "America's Greatest Family Resort." If you don't want the glitz and glamour (and seedy shops) of Atlantic City, then check out Ocean City.

Manco and Manco on the Ocean City Boardwalk - Photo: Chris Coleman
Manco and Manco on the Ocean City Boardwalk - Photo: Chris Coleman

Then there are the Wildwoods -- again, like Seaside, a boardwalk that generations of families have enjoyed.

Wildwood Crest
Wildwood Crest (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

To say that the entire Jersey Shore is overrated is stupid. And wrong.

And if you are a local, you know what it's like in the summer. It's crowded. Very crowded. You have to deal with tourists. Parking is awful. You're going to get stuck in traffic.

It is what it is.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what some overrated places are in other states: the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Liberty Bell for Pennsylvania, all of the ski resorts in Colorado, and the arch in St. Louis for Missouri.

If the Jersey Shore is as "overrated" as the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell are then I think we're doing pretty good for ourselves.

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