Multiple sources have reported that the number of COVID-related hospitalizations are now rivaling the numbers the state was experiencing six months ago.

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The state hadn't seen much of an increase from mid August through the first week of October. The trends show that the uptick in COVID-19 cases started showing up the week before Halloween and have been steadily increasing ever since. This is, obviously, not good news since the goal is to have the number of COVID cases trending in the opposite direction.

According to, as of Tuesday evening (11/17), almost 2,500 patients were either expected to have or officially confirmed to have a positive COVID-19 result. So far, Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland counties fall in the bottom seven counties with rising COVID numbers which means many other counties in the state are dealing with a much worse situation than we are here in South Jersey.

With that being said, that doesn't mean South Jersey residents are at all advised to adopt a lackadaisical attitude regarding wearing a mask. Governor Murphy has mandated more social distancing guidelines that have resulted in pulling back on dining hours and sports programs within the state. Life is starting to look like it did six months ago as a result of the recent surge. Some hospitals within the state have even halted admitting any more COVID patients due to capacity issues.

So, long story short, if residents want any sort of hope for things to return to normal, then we need to see these numbers decrease sooner rather than later.



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