I watched most of 'American Idol' last night...



I was trying to get my taxes together - bah! - so Idol didn't have my full attention last night.  However, I was listening for a comment from Randy Jackson about the whole Paisley/Brooks issue.  I didn't hear a peep.

Did you?

I though he would mention it, at the very least.  But no.  Nothing.  Nada.

Maybe the directors told him not to mention it.  Maybe Randy emailed Garth Brooks to say he screwed up.  Maybe Ryan Seacrest told him to just keep his mouth shut and the issue will just disappear like yesterday's news. Who knows.

Fine, I can understand that.  I've worked in tv before and news people say not to draw attention to a mistake, just let it pass.  But anyone with some manners would have apologized.

Ok, moving on, why is Heejun still on this show???  I thought he was gone last week, then I KNEW for sure he was going to go home last night....

My husband is right, 'American Idol' has become a popularity contest.  Boo.  IMO, the best part(s) of last night's show was Joe Perry playing 'Happy Birthday' to Steven Tyler and Erika's last song.  Poor thing, she should not have gone home.

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