There is a Waffle House on just about every block in the southern half of the USA, much like Wawa here in the Northeast.

Waffle House is considered the "diner" of the South, since there are virtually no diners in the South.  I covet Waffle House, the food is delicious and full of memories from my childhood.

However, I've never eaten a waffle at Waffle House.

Actually, I don't know anyone who has ever eaten a waffle at Waffle House....

Pancakes?  Yes.  Waffles?  No.

Well, in honor of today's World Cup match, Waffle House has boycotted all waffles except American waffles!

Which happens to be all they sell at Waffle House, but that's ok.  It's still funny!

And not to mention that they are actually BELGIAN Waffles, not Belgium Waffles... Again, still funny.

The United States takes on Belgium in World Cup Soccer today at 4pm!


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