I say it all the time I love living in New Jersey. There is always so much to do in this great state.

We have the beaches, boardwalks, great restaurants, beautiful trails for hikes, quaint towns, and so much more.

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My favorite little quaint towns are towns with antiquing and of course, beach towns.

How about checking out this town that is one of the most unique in America and it's right here in New Jersey. This town is a day trip with tons of shops, rich in history, and if you love dinosaurs, this is your town.

Getty Stock, ThinkStock, kostolom
Getty Stock, ThinkStock, kostolom

According to onlyinyourstate.com, a dinosaur skeleton was uncovered in this town. Hadrosaurus foulkii was found there. A most complete dinosaur skeleton ever uncovered. While visiting this town you can learn all about the dinosaur skeleton.

What town is one of the most unique in America, it's Haddonfield, NJ.

It's not just about the dinosaurs, it's all about the history, also. This is pretty cool, the Indian King Tavern Museum is the site where New Jersey officially became a state. This little town has a lot to offer.

Several shops are so popular in Haddonfield, including this one a British-themed store and one of the best in the country, The English Gardener Gift Shop. Along with the shops, they have delectable little cafes and restaurants.

If you want some water to take a hike around, there's an adorable lake, also in this town. Haddonfield is in Camden County and is bordered by Cherry Hill and Barrington.

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