There's an outhouse from Villas being sold on Criagslist, and that's really all your need to know.

For years, Villas has been the butt of jokes in South Jersey (and, admittedly, on the Cat Country Joke of the Morning), but now, this kinda proves that maybe Villas deserves it.

There is currently for sale on Craigslist an outhouse.

Yep, outhouse.

You see, kids, in the days before outdoor plumbing, people had to go outside to do their  business...

We're not quite sure if this outhouse was ever used for, you know, people's business - but, if it was... yuck!

Here's the description of the item:

Out house - $350 (Villas) Out house . You could put garden tools . Or use it as an out house .May buy mushrooms wood. Galvanize roof . Roof does not leak . Size is 30 inches wide by 6 foot tall .

Personally, I would think that the biggest selling point for an outhouse would be a roof that doesn't leak....


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