Here’s a nice story courtesy of ABC 7 in memory of a fallen Marine (and former New York firefighter) Chris Slutman, people are “paying it forward” by buying drinks for strangers.

The story, according to the TV station’s website, is that an emotional woman came into the Old Tyme Coffee store and explained that the husband of her childhood best friend had died while serving in the Marines in Afghanistan; he was killed by a suicide bomber.

The woman was holding a post card, along with a $10 bill; the post card asked people to buy a drink in Slutman’s honor because he also enjoyed getting drinks like pink smoothies. The first person to get the postcard asked the Old Tyme workers if they could pay it forward and pass along the act of kindness to the next customers. So, they did, and the chain of generosity continued throughout the weekend. The coffee shop, via their Facebook page is asking everyone to perform a random act of kindness in memory of Chris Slutman who died in service to his country.

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