A Pleasantville man was arrested after he poured gasoline on a man's van and set it on fire, apparently because of the victim's ethnicity.

Atlantic City Police say the incident happened on Route 40 under the overpass near the Atlantic City High School.

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Here are the details, according to police:

The vehicle was parked on the shoulder of the roadway while the owners were fishing nearby. The owner observed Robert Evans pouring gasoline on the hood of the van. When confronted, Evans asked the owner if he was Mexican. After the owner said that he was, Evans threatened to assault the owner and set the van on fire leaving the can directly in front of the van. Sergeant Chris Miller quickly located and arrested Evans. The van sustained significant damage.

This all took place at about 1:30 Sunday afternoon.

Evans, 29,  is being held in the Atlantic County Jail, charged with bias intimidation (a first degree charge), aggravated arson, and criminal mischief.


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