Sometimes you just want to take a sledgehammer to a flat-screen television, or a baseball bat to a shelf of glasses.

That's probably frowned upon at your home, but these acts of madness are certainly welcomed — and are actually encouraged — at so-called rage rooms located throughout New Jersey.

The concept is simple: you reserve a spot in a room that's equipped for chaos, don some protective clothing, and start swinging at breakables.

Depending on the spot, you may be able to bring your own stuff to smash. But every location has their own lineup of kitchenware, appliances and other objects that are waiting for a beating.

Rage rooms currently operating in New Jersey

Break Stuff NJ

Facebook via Break Stuff NJ
Facebook via Break Stuff NJ

⚫ 66 Georges Rd., New Brunswick

Break Stuff NJ website

Previous NJ101.5 coverage

Rage Room

Facebook via Rage Room
Facebook via Rage Room

⚫ 200 Wanaque Ave., Pompton Lakes

Rage Room website

Smashin City

Two locations: 1502 Route 37 East, Toms River and 4314 Route 9 South, Howell

Smashin City website

Rage room at Primitive AXE

⚫ 618 Delsea Dr., Glassboro

Primitive AXE website

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