Little girls grow up so fast, but that won’t stop the members of Rascal Flatts from trying to enjoy the sugar, spice and everything nice that their daughters are made of for as long as they can. All three members in the band have daughters, and Gary LeVox, who has 12-year-old and 7-year-old daughters, recently lamented about his little ladies growing up right before his eyes.

“It just it goes so fast,” he said, according to Big Machine Records, the band’s label. “You miss that smell of a one-year-old, you know? Now it’s like, ‘Really, is that makeup? Really, you have makeup on? And someone told you that you were allowed to wear makeup?’” Oh Gary, if you think that’s bad, wait til the boys start showing up in cars to take them out on dates!

Even so, LeVox finds immense joy in being a dad to two darling daughters. It sounds like they are daddy’s little girls, too. He said, “Brittany and Brooklyn, they’re absolutely the joys of my life and they make everything in life just so much sweeter and there’s nothing like a daddy’s girl, there just isn’t. And I’m proud to be their father and they make me cry happy tears all the time.” How precious!

LeVox also said that as his daughters get older, discipline becomes a bit more difficult for him. He’s a bit of a softy who doesn’t want to have to tell them no or scold them. “You know, just the scolding part and the time out part and the go to your room stuff and you’re taking things away, you know? Their punishments get tougher as they get older, you know? And it’s heartbreaking, you know, because you hate to do anything. But that’s just the way it is … But they are truly the greatest gift that God’s ever given me,” he admitted.

All dads should be as thoughtful and as committed to the gig as Gary LeVox.

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