After the success of Sam Hunt's debut album, Montevallo, it's no surprise that other artists would want to be involved with his sophomore project. However, not all of those looking to collaborate with Hunt are in country music: The rising star says that Snoop Dogg pitched him possible material for his record.

The rapper recently appeared onstage with Hunt (as well as G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha) at the 2016 Stagecoach Festival, and before the performance, he pitched Hunt some songs from writers at his publishing company.

"He came on the bus and played me a few songs before we played the show," Hunt tells Rolling Stone Country. "I was just flattered that he was interested enough to offer those opportunities and contribute.

"I love that, stereotypes aside, he loves music and genres don't matter," the singer adds.

However, work on a second album has been slow due to Hunt's demanding tour schedule.

"It's hard for me to balance those two worlds," he says. "I'm just collecting as many ideas as I can, whether they're mine or someone else's, and just getting ready to go back and hole up in Nashville this fall and find out what works best for the future of our music."

Hunt's process for creating his sophomore album is very different from how he worked on his debut disc. His lifestyle has changed drastically since the release of Montevallo, which was all about his life up to that point.

“Now I am living a completely different lifestyle,” the singer said last fall. “I am trying to draw inspiration from that, but it’s pretty much been stages and hotel rooms for the past two years. So I’m trying to figure out right now exactly what I want to say and what I want my voice to be for the second record.”

For now, Hunt is spending a lot of time performing live: His summer is filled with festivals, from Bonnaroo to the Ottawa Blues Festival, as well as dates with Kenny Chesney. His appearance with Snoop, G-Eazy and Rexha was a surprise for fans at Stagecoach -- hopefully the type of thing that his fans will see more of on the road in the future.

“We didn’t rehearse anything; the charm came from us not having rehearsed it,” Hunt explains to Billboard. “This is another baby step toward breaking down stereotypes that prevent people from enjoying music in different genres.”

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