It's that time of the year: Creepy crawly spiders are adorning front porches, makeshift graveyards inhabit front lawns, and jack-o-lanterns light up the night sky.

What better time than Halloween to recall a few of our favorite goosebump-inducing country songs? Turn up the music, turn off the lights, and prepare to be sufficiently spooked.

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    "Better Dig Two"

    The Band Perry

    There's love ... and then there's obsessive love. This song by the Band Perry borders on the latter, and not only does it have an incredibly catchy chorus, if you look at it closely, it's actually pretty creepy: "It won't be whiskey, it won't be meth / It'll be your name on my last breath / If divorce or death ever do us part / The coroner will call it a broken heart," sings Kimberly Perry. Plus, the music video, complete with a gravedigger, gives an eerie visual to this perfect-for-Halloween song.

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    "Midnight in Montgomery"

    Alan Jackson

    Released in 1992, Jackson's "Midnight in Montgomery" is still creepy as ever, especially if you believe in ghosts -- specifically, the ghost of country legend Hank Williams. The tune tells the tale of meeting Williams' ghost on the anniversary of his death, with Jackson singing, "Then a drunk man in a cowboy hat took me by surprise / Wearing shiny boots, a Nudi suit and haunting haunted eyes." But the part that gives us chills is at the end of the chorus: "Then the wind picked up, he was gone, was he ever really there?"

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    Eric Church

    A song with the title "Creepin'" is, of course, going to make this list. But it's not just the title that's scary -- it's the vivid imagery and the accompanying music video that will have you on the edge of your seat. While it's about the memory of a former lover, "Creepin'" isn't just a song of heartbreak: It's haunting, even a little bit terrifying, and as Church says, "Some of it's just damn scary." It will likely have you avoiding trains, tunnels and coal until next October.

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    "The Thunder Rolls"

    Garth Brooks

    When Brooks originally recorded "The Thunder Rolls," he did not include the song's third verse due to its graphic nature, if that tells you anything. In this song, there's a storm rolling in -- both outdoors and within a woman. She's a worried wife who discovers her husband's infidelity, and the question is ... when is lightning going to strike?

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    "Women's Prison"

    Loretta Lynn

    An electric chair. A mournful mama. A cheating husband. All of these components combine into Lynn's "Women's Prison." Sung from the point of view of a woman convicted of gunning down her husband, the song chronicles her journey to the electric chair, the sounds of her mama's cries punctuating the creepy factor. Toward the end, a torrent of electric guitars and drums goes into an all-out frenzy, making the electric chair an experience of the senses.

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    "Delia's Gone"

    Johnny Cash

    This song is so cold, you'll need to turn your heater on full-blast to warm up. Delia was a woman any man would run from: "She was low down and trifling / And she was cold and mean / Kind of evil make me want to / Grab my sub machine." And even though she was shot dead, her killer (and almost-husband) is still haunted by her ghost while in his jail cell; the patter of her feet is constantly around his bed. Cue the shivers!

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    "The Legend of Wooley Swamp"

    Charlie Daniels Band

    "The Legend of Wooley Swamp" was certified platinum -- and for good reason. It brings a mythical ghost story to life, and if you're wanting a Halloween dance party, this should be first on the list. That doesn't mean it's all fun and games, though: The song tells the story of a rich and greedy recluse, Lucius Clay, and three young brothers who want to kill him and steal his money. Things don't go as planned, and the end involves screaming ... and death.

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    Eddie Noack

    Country singer Noack is best known for his 1968 cover of Leon Payne's serial killer song "Psycho," and we guarantee you'll remember it after listening. He delivers one of the most disturbing songs you'll ever hear. In the first verse, a crying baby has unhinged our narrator, so you know there's trouble ahead. He goes on a killing rampage, and by the time the song is over, an ex-girlfriend, her new beau, a puppy, a little girl and his own mama all fall victim to this sicko.

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    "Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark"

    Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner

    When you pair country greats Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner together, you get Just the Two of Us, a 1968 record full of duets. Included in the mix is "Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark," a classic weeper that chronicles a little girl (Jeannie) who's afraid of the dark. Eventually, she succumbs to her eternal slumber, and what her parents do for her is touching -- but also a bit creepy. There's also the question of just why Jeannie was so fearful in the first place. It's a query that will haunt you long after the ghostly singers fade out.

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    "It's a Monster's Holiday"

    Buck Owens

    If this isn't the perfect anthem for Halloween, we don't know what is. It name-checks Frankenstein, Wolfman and Dracula, and references screaming and moaning, wailing and groaning that's described as "scary as a mummy's curse." With some evil laughter and screams thrown in, it's lighthearted enough to not get too creeped out, and provides the perfect backdrop for your spooky party.

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