Between a Brad Paisley tour, media obligations and English tests, it would seem Scotty McCreery wouldn’t have much time to keep up with reality television, but the 18-year old says he’ll definitely be sitting down when the 11th season of ‘American Idol‘ begins on Jan. 18.

“You can count on that,” McCreery tells the Grand Rapids Press. While there could be a potential conflict with Paisley days falling on ‘Idol’ night, the high school senior has worked through that problem. “I’ll be on early … sing for 30 minutes and then go catch [‘American Idol’]. I’ll know exactly what they’re going through.”

McCreery also revealed his secret to success: confidence. And if you don’t have confidence, fake it. “I tried to not show the crowd I was nervous and do my best every week,” he says.

Paisley’s Virtual Reality Tour begins in Grand Rapids, Mich. on Jan. 12, and the Band Perry will also join McCreery as openers for dates lasting through March 3. Recently, McCreery won the Taste of Country Award for Best New Artist.

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